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Sure, you love potatoes.  Who doesn’t?  Mashed, smashed, boiled or fried—potatoes are great.  But did you know that potatoes, when eaten raw, offer a wealth of nutrients and phytochemicals not to be found in your average bag of Lay’s Chile Limon Potato Chips?  Revered by the ancient Hittites for their analgesic, antiseptic and aphrodisiac properties, and rediscovered by the Dadaists and practitioners of the nouvelle cuisine in the 20th century, raw potatoes have finally come into their own as the new “it” food of early spring 2010.

The preparation can be rather daunting, however:  Only experienced cooks should attempt to prepare this dish.  Make sure you have your mise en place correctly established before you begin, as the dish comes together at lightning speed.  Serve with your finest bottle of 1978 Domaine de la Romanée Conti.  Share with no one.

  • 1 medium Idaho russet potato, raw, unscrubbed, removed from package

Take bite of potato.  Repeat.


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